Monday, May 24, 2010


Nap time is over, Wells. If this recession gets much worse we're all gonna have to move to The City, the way people did during the Industrial Revolution and the Great Depression.

I understand THE OLD GUARD OF WELLS wants a nice quiet retirement community but HOW 'BOUT YOU THINK OF SOMEBODY OTHER THAN YOURSELVES FOR A CHANGE?

You had a chance to make things better but you screwed up. TWICE. K-Mart wanted to build their Distribution Center in Wells. To take advantage of our great local resource, the I-80/US 93 junction. Also our central Intermountain location. That didn't happen. Stead, outside of Reno, stepped up to the plate and were rewarded with that center.

Then Wal-Mart. Great opportunity. Same thing. Hundreds of parents and their families in Tooele, Utah, are now reaping the rewards of that intelligent, adult decision.

Voters, it's now time to vote your pocketbook like the self-absorbed local business owners have been doing for fifty years. VOTE FOR ME. I want to bring in JOBS. I want to contact every company on the Forbes 500, and lay out for them the advantages of locating to the Wells area. (I've already begun.) If they don't already know about it, I want to clue them in about Nevada's favorable business climate. And the fact they can save millions just in warehouse taxes alone.

Young people, do you like Wells? Do you want to stay in this area after you graduate from Wells High (GO LEOPARDS!)? Do like hunting and fishing around here? Won't you miss it when you have to leave? Not all of you have a dad who can get you on at the mines, or the Forest Service, or WREC. You need an alternative. Wells is where all your great memories are.  Your first deer when you were twelve.  Your first girlfriend or boyfriend.  You don't wanna leave all your friends from highschool.

This valley is easily as big as the Carson Valley. In fact, it looks just about like it. And we have plenty of water. Let's take advantage of it. After all, that's why the LORD gave it to us.

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