Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here's the email:

We have a great location for your warehouse if you're looking to build.

Hi, I'm Dean Berry, and I'm running for city councilman of Wells, Nevada. I'd really like to make everybody aware of our extremely favorable business climate. Pardon my directness but I like to get right to the point.

Nevada has no warehouse tax, and our corporate income tax is about 9%. Wells is located at the junction of two very busy highways, U.S. 93 which runs from Canada to Mexico, and Interstate 80 which begins in New Jersey and ends in California. We are just a few hours drive from several HUGE markets:  Salt Lake City, Reno, Boise, and Las Vegas.

We have abundant water, and our valley has tremendous potential in terms of real estate, quality of life, absence of crime, and proximity to outdoor recreation. 

As I said, if you're considering adding a warehouse or a distribution center, please check us out. I realize technically the country hasn't fully recovered from the recession but there are still companies looking to, for example, close down an inefficient site in favor of one that gives them a lot more bang for their buck.

Wells would be a great place for a call center too.

Thad Ballard of the Wells Chamber of Commerce will be able to further expand on Wells' advantages. He can be reached at (775) 752-3540, email: And Jolene Supp, the Wells City Manager can be reached at (775) 752-3355, email:

In addition, if you'd like to get a glimpse of what Wells is like statistically, please visit

Thank you for your time.

Dean Berry

I've already had two responses, one from Nike who's not ready as yet and Paychex who's needs aren't exactly what we're looking for. I'll keep you posted.  How's that?

Fri/052810:  I had another response from Ford Motor Company today.  We'll talk further.

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